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 what pets do you have

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PostSubject: what pets do you have   what pets do you have I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 03, 2010 6:42 pm

so what pets you we all have? i know i have lots, who's got the most unusual ones?
what are ther names, and you get the general idea. lets hear about what pets you all have.

ill go first shall i?

dogs 2 hussy (10 yr old siberian husky) and karly (kelpie xcattle x border) shes realy mums dog

birds 1, Isis the eclectus parrot

snakes 7 in total
pinkie (7ft coastal carpet python) his name is a food joke
pyro (hatchling coastal carpet python) hes a nasty peace of work
harkimer and zichonia (high gold diamond pythons)
unnamed pair of high white diamond pythons
unnamed childrens python

aprox 100 endlers strain guppies
3 betta chonnoides
3 paradice fish
4 short fined betta splendens (fighting fish)

and thouse are my pets, now lets hear from you, what pets do you have?
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M!cH@3l 001

M!cH@3l 001

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PostSubject: Re: what pets do you have   what pets do you have I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 16, 2010 1:58 am

I have 1 dog 2 cats and 1 stray cat Smile my dog is name zoey she is almost 3yrs she is a chiweenie is a chiwawa and weenie dog mix Smile my sister got her fore me christmas 07 Smile then i have one cat named nike my sister named her that Smile she is like 13yrs old. then i have another cat name sweetness aka pigeon,festess Smile his name is sweetness because thats what my next door neighbors daughter named him Laughing and my sister inlaw calls him pigeon because when he purrs he sounds like a pigeon Crying or Very sad when he was a kitten my next door neighbors dog attact him Crying or Very sad and my mom calls him festess because she thinks its wronge to call him sweetness Laughing but i call him sweetnss because that what my neighbors daughter wanted to call him Smile and i have a stray that just hangs around and i feel sorry fore him so i feed him Smile
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what pets do you have
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